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Premium add-on for Bricks Builder

Sync Two Nested Sliders without Any Code

Synced two sliders

Bricks added the nested slider element and you can make the fluid slider for your site. But you can’t sync the two sliders. The BricksUltimate add-on is giving this opportunity and you can sync the two nested sliders from the Bricks builder editor and you can avoid the custom coding.

If you have a BricksUltimate add-on, you will install and activate it. Now open the Bricks builder editor and build the two sliders (main and thumbs) with the nested slider element. After completing the sliders, you will select the thumbs slider element and you will get the new toggle section “Sync”. Click on it and enable the sync option.

Sync Options

Next, it will ask for the Main slider’s script ID. Script ID means it is asking for the Main slider element’s ID. Select your main nested slider element and you will see the element ID at the top. It would be 6 letters. Put these 6 letters in the 2nd slider’s Syncing Slider ID text field.

Script ID


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