Premium add-on for Bricks Builder


Released 1.2.3 on 17th March, 2023

* Fixed – JS issue in Sliding Menu elements. Menu items from the 3rd level are not showing.

Released 1.2.2 on 15th March, 2023

* New dynamic tag – {bu_post_id}. It is giving the post ID when you are using the custom query loop builder.
* New element – Star Ratings
* Improved the Item Quantity element for the Mini Cart builder

Released 1.2.1 on 7th March, 2023

* Bug Fixed – Cart quantity is not showing

Released 1.2 on 26th Feb, 2023

* Fixed – Style issue in Add To Cart element
* Improved the AJAX Popup functionality
* New Loop Provider – Custom Taxonomy Query

Taxonomy Query
Taxonomy Query

Released 1.1 on 24th Feb, 2023

* Fixed – The style of Strikethrough price is not working.
* Fixed – Flashing issue in the Off-Canvas element.
* Fixed – Off-canvas cart was closing after clicking on the add to cart button.
* Improved the Add To Cart element.
* Add To Cart element is compatible with the AJAX action of Bricks 1.6.1
* Integrated AJAX action with the native bricks popup builder. You will get the AJAX Popup controls under the Style tab of the Button, DIV, Icon, and SVG elements.
* Improved some internal codes

Released 1.0.18 on 7th Dec, 2022

* [Item Quantity Element] – Added Font Size option for the quantity input field.
* New dynamic tag – Permalink({post_permalink}). It is required when you are using the Custom WP Query
* New dynamic tag – Post Title({bu_post_title}). It is required when you are using the Custom WP Query
* Added the quantity text field for mobile devices

Released 1.0.17 on 28th Nov. 2022

* Fixed – JS issues in Off-Canvas and Animated Burger elements

Released 1.0.16 on 26th Nov. 2022

* Fixed – Lightbox JS issue
* Fixed – Few dynamic tags of WP Media were not working.

Released 1.0.15 on 25th Nov. 2022

* Fixed PHP fatal error or white screen when Bricks theme is disabled.
* Added the Sync option. You can now sync the two sliders from the builder editor. See the tutorial.
* New loop builder – WooCommerce Product Gallery
* New dynamic tag – {product_gallery_imgs} (Limit of Product Gallery Images)

Released 1.0.14 on 21st Nov. 2022

* Bug fixed – Metabox gallery loop was not working at the frontend.
* Image Attachment is supporting the featured image

Released 1.0.13 on 20th Nov. 2022

* New element – Custom WP Query Pagination
* New element – Image Attachment
* Improved Flex Gallery element. Updated the lightbox effect.

Released 1.0.12 on 16th Nov. 2022

* Fixed PHP fatal error.
* Compatible with Bricks 1.6 beta
* Removed all element condition logic that BricksUltimate added
* New loop builders – Cross-sells and Custom WP Query

Released 1.0.11 on 1st Nov. 2022

* Fixed PHP fatal error.

Released 1.0.10 on 31st Oct. 2022

* Added new condition logic
* Fixed Fluent Forms Styler element. The forms were not listed in the dropdown when there has one fluent form.
* Improved – Variations form was not resetting when the AJAX Add To Cart action of the single add to cart button was enabled.

Released 1.0.9 on 3rd Oct. 2022

* Fixed – JS file is missing in Flex Gallery element
* Fixed – JS error in Add To Cart element
* Improved the Add To Cart element
* Added custom conditions for WooCommerce

Released 1.0.8 on 19th Sept. 2022

* Compatible with the Bricks 1.5.3
* New element – Sold Out Badge
* New element – Best Selling Badge
* New element – Product Ratings
* Improve – Adds “Buy Now” button feature into Add To Cart element
* Fixed PHP warnings
* Dynamic Tags – Product Total Reviews Counter & Product Average Ratings Point

Released 1.0.7 on 8th Sept. 2022

* Bug Fixed – Some options of some elements are placed in the wrong place
* Bug Fixed – PHP warning in Free Shipping Bar element
* Improved – Add To Cart element
* Added the accordion effect option in the Accordion Menu element
* New Element: Product Image

Released 1.0.6 on 3rd Sept. 2022

* Bug Fixed – PHP errors in Flex Gallery element(due to Bricks 1.5.1)
* Bug Fixed – CSS issue in Animated Burger(due to Bricks 1.5.1)
* Bug Fixed – Quantity element(min cart element) is conflicting with 3rd party WooCommerce plugin
* Bug Fixed – Cart item price(min cart element) is not working with 3rd party WooCommerce plugin
* BricksUltimate is compatible with Bricks 1.5.1 RC version
* New Element: Free Shipping Notice

Released 1.0.5 on 23rd August 2022

* Bug Fixed – Photoswipe JS is not loading in the Flex Gallery element
* Bug Fixed – ACF/MetaBox gallery images are not showing in the Flex Gallery element(Bricks v1.5+)
* Bug Fixed – Conflicting with the Happy Files Pro plugin
* Added enable/disable option for White Label tab
* Added custom event listeners(bu_ocp_open & bu_ocp_close) in Off-Canvas element for developers

Released 1.0.4 on 16th August 2022

* Added two new options in the Off-Canvas element
* Fixed PHP warnings and fatal errors
* Fixed Plugin Updater API
* Fixed – footer is cutting when sticky add to cart bar is adding on the single product page

Released 1.0.3 on 15th August 2022

* Fixed JS errors
* Added a new option in the Add To Cart element for the sticky button

Released 1.0.2 on 12th August 2022

* Fixed PHP error
* Added a new element “Variations List” for the mini cart

Released 1.0.1 on 10th August 2022

* Fixed CSS issue in the Animated Burger element
* Fixed link property in Cart Counter element

Released 1.0 on 9th August 2022

* Added “Tiles” grid type in Flex Gallery element
* New elements: Off Canvas, Cart Counter, Mini Cart Builder
* New dynamic tags: Cart Counter, Cart Totals, Cart Quantity
* Fixed: JS issue in Add To Cart & Buy Now elements
* Improved Animated Burger element and fully compatible with Bricks now
* Dynamically show the Fluent/Gravity/Piotnet Form on the taxonomy archive page

Released 0.9 on 12th July 2022

* New element: Flex Gallery

Released 0.8 on 29th June 2022

* New Dynamic Tags: WP Media, Sale Start, and End Date
* New providers: ACF Gallery and Metabox Image Advanced
* Enhance Cart Items and Totals element(add the more controls)
* New element: Post Terms

Released 0.7 on 22nd June 2022

* Bug Fixed: Sliding Menu element is conflicting with other plugins
* New Element: Piotnet Forms Styler
* New Element: WPForms Styler
* New Element: Add To Cart

Released 0.6 on 17th June 2022

* Enhance the Products Up/Cross-Sells element and add the more controls
* Enhance the Related Products element and add the more controls
* New query loop provider: Product Upsells
* New query loop provider: Author Box
* Bug Fixed: PHP errors
* New dynamic tag: Product description & Product Short description

Released 0.5 on 7th June 2022

* Enhance Products element and add the more controls
* Enhance Products Filter element and add the more controls
* Bug fixed: File of Empty Cart Button element was missing
* Improve internal functionality

Released 0.4 on 1st June 2022

* New Element: Empty Cart Button
* New Element: New Badge
* Added more sub-menu items under the bricksultimate admin menu bar
* Bug Fixed: Preview of sales badge was not showing properly in the editor
* New dynamic tags: Parent title, Parent post url, Loop counter, Terms – Posts count, Total Sales

Released 0.3 on 26th May 2022

* New Element: Buy Now Button
* New Element: Sales Badge
* Bug Fixed: Form ID is not returning from the custom field in Fluent Forms Styler element
* Bug Fixed: Form ID is not returning from the custom field in Gravity Forms Styler element
* Bug Fixed: Form ID is not returning from the custom field in Contact Form 7 Styler element

Released 0.2 on 23rd May 2022

* New Element: Gravity Forms Styler
* New Element: Highlighted Heading
* Added: Theme styles of Dual Color Text, GF Styler, CF7 Styler, FF Styler, etc element

Released 0.1 on 15th May 2022

* Initial Release