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Creating Custom Thank You Page In Bricks

We can easily create a custom Thank You page with the Bricks editor like the above image for the WooCommerce shop site. The full page is built with dynamic tags and a custom query loop builder. We shared the JSON file. BricksUltimate’s user imports the template and checks the settings. Steps Check preview: Go to your Dashboard -> WooCommerce -> Orders page. There have order list. Click on the “Receipt of #Order ID” link and you can check the preview.


Original question HIDE ELEMENT INSIDE QUERY LOOP IF PARENT TERM HAS NO CHILDREN I have a query loop setup on my home page to show a grid of parent terms for a specific taxonomy.  Nested inside that query loop is a second query loop that lists the children of those parent terms. I have these children nested inside of an accordion element where users can expand and see sub items. <container> <query block> <parent item> </> <accordion> <child query item> </> </accordion> </query block> </container> Preview BricksUltimate add-on has an…

Display Only Parent Terms Whose Has Children

In this tutorial, we shall learn how we only fetch those parent terms whose has children. We need small PHP codes. With these PHP snippets, we shall fetch the parent term IDs which has children. Open the functions.php of the Bricks child theme or drop the code in the 3rd party plugin. Snippets Now we shall create the terms query in the builder editor and create our terms list. Here I used the bricks’ Accordion element and Custom Taxonomy Query loop builder(under Ultimate Query Builder Query type) from the BricksUltimate.…

Adding a section after the nth query loop post

Assume you created a post section with the bricks query loop builder. How can you add a custom section like an image, heading with some content, etc after the nth post? A simple way we can do this. Here is the demo video. You will get the idea.

Creating Related Posts Section with ACF Post Object Field Type

The ACF Post Object field creates a drop-down to select one or more posts, pages or custom post type items. With this option, we can manually assign the post(s) from the dashboard and create the specific related posts section on our site. The BricksUltimate just enhanced this field-type option for the bricks. It created the custom loop builder for ACF Post Object field type and users can easily build a flexible layout from the Bricks builder editor. Preview

Get the most viewed posts with Post Views Count plugin and Bricks

In this tutorial, we used the 3rd party plugin “Post Views Count” plugin for tracking the post views counter. You will install, activate, and setup the settings of the plugin as per your requirement. Here I am giving the compatibility query builder provider for the Bricks builder editor. Creating Loop Builder Provider Open the functions.php file of your Bricks child theme or you can use any 3rd party snippets plugin. Enter the following codes: This code will create the custom provider for the Bricks loop builder. You can easily make…

Display popular posts in bricks

We will display the popular posts(most viewed posts) with the bricks loop builder. If you don’t want to use a plugin, then you can use this method. Storing Views Counter in The Custom Field Open the functions.php of the bricks child theme or drop the following code into the 3rd party snippets plugin. Once you have used this code, every time a user visits the single post page, the custom field wpbu_post_views_count will be updated.  Note: If you are using a caching plugin, then this method will not work by default. You…

Display only sticky posts with the loop builder

In this tutorial, I shall show you how you will list the all sticky posts with the bricks loop builder. Make sure that you installed the BricksUltimate add-on and activate the Ultimate Query Builder option from your Dashboard -> Bricks -> BricksUltimate -> Misc tab. Now add one element of these container, block, and div elements to the canvas and enable the loop option. Select the Query -> Type -> Ultimate Query Builder -> Custom WP Query provider. Drop the following PHP code in the code text box and create…

Creating a listing section with the Metabox checkbox list and loop builder

We are creating a list with the help of the Metabox checkbox list field type and controlling them in our dashboard. Now we shall display them in list format with the Bricks List element and loop builder at frontend. See the video below

Sync AJAX Action with the Bricks Native Popup Builder

Bricks Builder integrated the lightbox effect with the Popup builder feature. But it has not AJAX option. If your site has a long listing page and you added the lightbox option via native popup builder, your page size is growing big and increasing the DOM size. We can avoid it with AJAX. Because AJAX is fetching the dynamic data from your server without any page refresh. Therefore, your page will load quickly. BricksUltimate, a 3rd party add-on of the bricks builder added this feature and you can easily setup the…

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