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Creating Custom Thank You Page In Bricks

Thank You Page

We can easily create a custom Thank You page with the Bricks editor like the above image for the WooCommerce shop site. The full page is built with dynamic tags and a custom query loop builder. We shared the JSON file. BricksUltimate’s user imports the template and checks the settings.


  • Navigate to the Bricks->Templates page
  • Click on the Add New button
  • Enter the template name and select the template type “WooCommerce – Thank You”
  • Lunch the Bricks editor
  • Create the layout
Creating the custom Thank You page
How to display custom order data on the Thank You page?

Check preview: Go to your Dashboard -> WooCommerce -> Orders page. There have order list. Click on the “Receipt of #Order ID” link and you can check the preview.

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