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Creates Product Upsells Section with Query Loop Builder

As per request, the BricksUltimate add-on created a custom provider for the query loop builder and you can make the upsells products list with the loop builder.


Product Upsells Section

Step 1: Linked Upsells Products

At first, we shall link the upsells product to a product from the dashboard.

1. Login to your dashboard and add/edit a product.
2. Click on the “Linked Products” tab
3. Add some products in upsells input box
4. Save the post

Linked Products

Step 2: Make List with Query Loop

  1. Navigate to Bricks -> BricksUltimate -> MISC tab and enable the “Ultimate Woo Query” option.
  2. Now open the single product template on the bricks builder editor.
  3. Add the “Container” element to the canvas and enable the Use Query Loop option.
  4. Once you’ve enabled the Use Query Loop setting, you’ll see a Query control. This is where you will get the new query provider “Ultimate Woo Query” in the Type dropdown.
  5. Close this Query control popup and you will get extra controls inside the container content tab. Select the “Product Upsells” from the Woo Query Type dropdown and adjust the other settings as per your requirements.
  6. Add the nested elements like post title, featured image, price, add to cart, etc inside the container element and build the layout as per your site design.
  7. Publish the changes

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