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Show a fallback image if the featured image is missing

We are showing the featured image with the Bricks image element. But there has no placeholder image option and we are unable to display a fallback image if the featured image is missing. In this tutorial, I am showing you how you can display a fallback image.

Step 1: Upload a fallback image

At first, we shall upload a fallback/placeholder image via the WP media library.

1. Login to your dashboard
2. Navigate to Media -> Add New
3. Upload a placeholder image
4. Copy the image ID

Get Image ID

Step 2: Setup Image Element

Open the Bricks builder editor, add the Image element, and set the dynamic data “Featured Image” as an image source.

Show featured image

Step 3: Display fallback image

Now we shall display the fallback image (which we already uploaded on the site) if a post has not a featured image.

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  • Francois Gonin

    Hi there,
    Thanks for this Tutorial.
    Is it possible to share a snippet for a fallback image for custom term image which I set up with Meta Box (Single Image) ? different fallback image for different taxonomy type.
    That would be great.
    Thx in advance

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