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Displaying today’s post with the Bricks loop builder

BricksUltimate has a Custom Wp Query loop builder. With it, you can create your own custom query.

Custom WP Query
Custom WP Query

Here we will use the “date_query” args and filter the WP Query loop.

BricksUltimate released the Post Grid element. You can use this element or use the native bricks container/block/div element to build the posts list. Select the “Ultimate Query Builder” from the Query -> Types dropdown and choose the Custom WP Query from the next dropdown.

Enter the following PHP code into the code box. It will fetch only today’s post(s).

$today = getdate();
$args = [
	'post_status' 		=> 'published',
	'posts_per_page' 	=> 6,
	'post_type' 		=> 'post',
	'date_query' 		=> [
			'year' 	=> $today['year'],
			'month' => $today['mon'],
			'day'	=> $today['mday']

return $args;

If you are getting the wrong post title and permalink, you will use these dynamic tags: {bu_post_title} and {post_permalink}.

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