Premium add-on for Bricks Builder

Highlighted Heading

The Highlighted Heading is a Bricks Builder element for creating the highlighted headlines. The element helps you to make the heading attractive using the animation effect. You do not need any coding. All features are available in this element. You will just set up the options with some clicks from the Bricks Builder editor and highlighted heading will generate in a few mins.

Activate The Element

By default this element is disabled. At first, you will activate the Highlighted Heading element after going to your Dashboard -> Bricks -> BricksUltimate -> General Elements page. Under the general elements tab, you will get the elements list. Checkmark the Highlighted Heading element and save the settings.

How To Use

Now this element is activated and ready for the Bricks Builder editor.

  1. Open your builder editor and add the Highlighted Heading element.
  2. Click on the element
  3. The settings panel will show on the left side
  4. Setup the settings like shape, animation type, duration, color, etc.
  5. The highlighted headline will generate and show on the site
  6. Save and publish the settings
  7. It will show at the frontend.