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Premium add-on for Bricks Builder

Dynamic Tags

BricksUltimate added the following dynamic tags for your content.

Loop Counter({loop_counter}) – It is displaying the loop index like 1,2,3, etc when you are using the query loop builder.

Parent Title({parent_title}) – Displays the parent post title.

Parent Post URL({parent_post_url}) – Get the parent post’s URL.

Post Title({bu_post_title}) – Displays the post title when you are using the Custom WP Query provider.

Post ID({bu_post_id}) – Gives the post ID when you are using the Custom WP Query provider.

Permalink({post_permalink}) – Get the permalink when you are using the Custom WP Query provider..

Post Class({parent_post_url}) – You can add the entry post classes to the wrapper.

Parent Post URL({parent_post_url}) – Get the parent post’s URL.

Term – Total posts({term_posts_count}) – How many posts are there in the selected category? It only works on category, tags, and taxonomy archive pages.

Parent Term ID({term_parent_id}) – Get the parent term ID.

Image with IMG Tag({img_html}) – It will generate the full IMG HTML tag and display the attachment at the frontend.

Dynamic Tags for WP Media Library:

Attachment ID({image_id}) – Get the image ID or attachment ID.

Image URL({image_url}) – Get the raw image URL.

Image Title({image_title}) – Get the image title or attachment title.

Image Alt({image_alt}) – Get the image alt text.

Caption({image_caption}) – Get the image caption.

Image Description({image_description}) – Get the image description.

Dynamic Tags for WooCommerce:

Total reviews({product_total_reviews})
– Get the total reviews number of a product.

Average ratings(out of 5)({product_average_ratings}) – Get the average rating points of a product.

Limit of Product Gallery Images({product_gallery_imgs}) – Get the total number of the product gallery images.

Sale Start Date({sale_start_date}) – Get the on-sale product’s start date.

Sale End Date({sale_end_date}) – Get the on-sale product’s end date.

Total sales({product_total_sales}) – Get the total sales counter of a product.

Cart Counter({cart_counter}) – Get the cart contents number.

Cart Item Quantity({cart_item_quantity}) – How many times a product is added to the cart.

Cart Item Sub Total({cart_item_subtotal}) – Get the price of a cart item

Cart Contents Sub Total({cart_contents_subtotal}) – Get the cart’s subtotal value.

Cart Contents Total Price({cart_contents_total}) – Display the total price of your cart.

Free Shipping Amount({fsn_min_amount}) – Get the amount of the free shipping method.

Free Shipping Updated Amount({fsn_updated_amount}) – How many amounts are left to get the free shipping option?

Product Shipping Class({bu_shipping_class}) – Display shipping class name

Chosen Shipping Method Name({bu_chosen_shipping_method_name}) – Display the selected shipping method name

Customer total orders({customer_total_orders}) – Display the customer’s total orders number

Customer total spent({customer_total_spent}) – How much money the customer spent on the order

Code({bu_coupon_code}) – Display coupon code

Description({bu_coupon_description}) – Display coupon description

Discount amount({bu_coupon_discount_amount}) – Display discount amount

Discount type({bu_coupon_discount_type}) – Display discount type(% or fixed rate)

Created time({bu_coupon_created}) – Display coupon publish date

Modified time({bu_coupon_modified_date}) – Display coupon modified date

Expiry time({bu_coupon_expiry_date}) – Display coupon expiry date

Usage count({bu_coupon_usage_count}) – How many times a coupon is used

Usage limit({bu_coupon_usage_limit}) – How many times a coupon will be used

Grants free shipping({bu_coupon_grants_free_shipping}) – Conditional tag.

Minimum spend amount({bu_coupon_minimum_spend_amount}) – Display minimum spent amount

Maximum spend amount({bu_coupon_maximum_spend_amount}) – Display maximum spent amount

Order number({bu_cust_order_id}) – Display order number

Order key({bu_cust_order_key}) – Display order key

View order url({bu_view_order_url}) – Returning order URL. So you can see details of that order

Pay order url({bu_pay_order_url}) – Returning pay order URL. It will go to the pay order page.

Cancel order url({bu_cancel_order_url}) – Get the cancel order URL for the cancel button

Order date({bu_cust_order_date}) – Get the order submission date

Order status({bu_cust_order_status}) – Get the order status like completed, processing, failed etc

Order custom data({bu_cust_order_meta}) – Get the order’s custom metadata. You will use the dynamic tag this way: {bu_cust_order_meta:shipping_deliverydate}. Here shipping_deliverydate is a custom checkout field and saves the data in the order meta table.

Total items bought({bu_cust_order_item_count}) – Get the number. How many products a customer ordered? It will give that number.

Shipping cost({bu_cust_order_shipping_cost}) – Display the shipping cost.

Sub total price({bu_cust_order_item_subtotal}) – Display the order’s subtotal price.

Total price({bu_cust_order_total_price}) – Display the order’s total price.

Previous link({bu_cust_order_prev_link}) – Display the previous orders link. It is the adjacent post link for the order post type. It is used for pagination.

Next link({bu_cust_order_next_link}) – Display the next orders link. It is the adjacent post link for the order post type. It is used for pagination.

Customer ID({bu_cust_id}) – Display customer ID

Payment method({bu_cust_order_payment_method}) – Display payment gateway(slug).

Payment method title({bu_cust_order_payment_method_title}) – Display payment gateway name.

Customer note({bu_cust_order_customer_note}) – Display customer note.

Ordered item image({bu_order_item_featimg_id}) – Display ordered item image(product image).

Ordered item name({bu_order_item_name}) – Display ordered item name(product name).

Ordered item quantity({bu_order_item_quantity}) – Display ordered item quantity.

Ordered item price({bu_order_item_price}) – Display ordered item price.

Ordered item sku({bu_order_item_sku}) – Display ordered item SKU.

Ordered item variable attributes({bu_order_item_variable_attributes}) – Display the variations of the variable product.

Ordered item custom data({bu_order_item_custom_data}) – Display the product’s custom field data. Put the dynamic tag this way: {bu_order_item_custom_data:customfieldkey}. Like {bu_order_item_custom_data:weight}