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Premium add-on for Bricks Builder

Star Ratings

The Start Ratings element is displaying the user’s rating point. It is a simple element and fully built with CSS(No JS used). The rating points are supporting the dynamic data also. Basically, it is built for product reviews, testimonials, etc content.

Activate The Element

By default this element is disabled. You will activate it after going to your Dashboard -> Bricks ->BricksUltimate page. Under the general elements tab, you will get the elements list. Check the Star Ratings element and save the settings. Now, it will show on the builder editor and you can use it there.

How To Use

You will open the Bricks Builder editor and select the “Star Ratings” element under the BricksUltimate category. Adjust the rating points value (it is accepting the floating value like 4.5) manually or dynamically and it displays the stars. You can also get rid of the empty stars.