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Premium add-on for Bricks Builder

Dual Color Text

The Dual Color Text element creates a dual color and dual font heading.

Activate The Element

By default this element is disabled. At first, you will activate the Dual Color Text element after going to your Dashboard -> Bricks -> BricksUltimate -> General Elements page. Under the general elements tab, you will get the elements list. Checkmark the checkbox of the Dual Color Text element and save the settings. Now it is ready for the site and you can access it from the builder editor.

How To Use

Step 1: Add the Dual Color Text element to your builder editor. You will get two input fields for text.
Step 2: Enter the content into those two input fields
Step 3: There have styler options for both input fields. Adjust the color, fonts, size, etc and you get the attractive dual-color heading.


Dual Color Text Element
Dual Color Text Element