Premium add-on for Bricks Builder

Sales Badge

The Sales Badge WooCommerce element of Bricks Builder calculates the percentage or fixed rate of the discount and shows it as a badge or plain text on the site. You can add it anywhere in your container.

Sales Badge
Sales Badge

Activate The Element

At first, you will activate the Sales Badge element from your Dashboard -> Bricks -> BricksUltimate page. Under the Woo Elements tab, you will get all the WooCommerce-related elements. Select the Sales Badge element among them and save the settings. Now element is activated and ready to use.

How To Use

Open the Bricks Builder editor and search the “Sales Badge” element. Add this element in the appropriate position, setting the element’s options and it will be ready for use.

Sometimes preview will not show on the builder if a product has no sales price. You will select the correct preview item from the builder settings.