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Condition Logic for WooCommerce

Bricks 1.5.4 added a powerful feature “Condition Logic”. You can show/hide the content dynamically with it and set up your custom logic from the bricks editor. You do not need any extra code for it. BricksUltimate add-on added the custom condition for WooCommerce shop site. You will get them inside the Bricks’ conditional logic window.

Right now there have a few logic. Later logic will increase and users can request the missing logic also.

Condition Logic for WooCommerce
Condition Logic for WooCommerce

Current Logics:

  1. Product is in stock or not
  2. Product is a featured product
  3. Product is a virtual product
  4. Product is on-sale
  5. Product has short description
  6. Product has description
  7. Product has review
  8. Product has related products
  9. Product has upsell products
  10. Cart is empty
  11. Template pages: is shop page, is cart page, is checkout page, is single product page, etc.
  12. Add more

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